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Facebook Hello World Application

August 19th 2009

Okay to create a new aplication on facebook, we will begin with developing the most basic application that ever be..!! This is just to realize some basic concepts on viewing facebook application on canvas page and other minor details. q=get_ref(); document.writeln(“You Came Here Searching for : ‘” , q ,”‘”); document.writeln(” Find Exactly what you [...]

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Canvas callback page and fb_* variables passed

August 8th 2009

The callback page is the page Facebook calls whenever it needs to notify your app of something or get the content of the canvas page for your app. Canvas Pages & Callback Pages Note that the user can be either logged into facebook or not, and even if a user is logged in, he/she might have [...]

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Facebook Tutorial-Application Settings(Connect,Widgets & Advanced)

August 2nd 2009

Continuing on my “Settings for application” tab which i have already described in detail the Canvas and Profiles tab and Basic and Authentication tab. Settings : Connect Facebook Connect Settings Connect URL Your Connect site’s main URL. Facebook Connect Logo Change your logo The image that appears in the Facebook Connect dialog. Limit: 99px wide [...]

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Facebook Tutorial – Application Settings(Profile & Canvas)

August 2nd 2009

Continuing on my description of “Settings for Application” . I have already described in detail of how to Register for a new facebook application and application settings of Basic and Authentication q=get_ref(); document.writeln(“You Came Here Searching for : ‘” , q ,”‘”); document.writeln(” Find Exactly what you are looking for using this customized Search :”); [...]

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Facebook Tutorial – Application Settings(Basic & Authentication)

July 24th 2009

Continuing on my first facebook tutorial,which was just a mere begining on to get things started, i would like to move to a more basic but important aspect of facebook application development. Application settings Yes application settings..! I used to wonder..that why do facebook want so many information about our application..?? wasn’t for [...]

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Facebook Application-Tutorial

July 19th 2009

Well looking forward to Facebook Developer Contest India i decided to write a tutorial about basic development of facebook applications including FBML and other languages required to build a basic facebook application. It is very difficult to find a tutorial for developing a facebook application. And developers might be knowing how usefull the facebook developer [...]

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Facebook Developer Contest India

July 19th 2009

Yes..facebook is having a developer contest in India and for Indians only!! Comm’on what indians can do..lets make a beautiful and powerfull(as India is..:)) application that will rock over. Are you a passionate developer residing in India? Do you want to create applications for Facebook? Do you want to integrate your website with the [...]

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