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Facebook Tutorial – Application Settings(Basic & Authentication)

July 24th 2009 in Facebook

Continuing on my first facebook tutorial,which was just a mere begining on to get things started, i would like to move to a more basic but important aspect of facebook application development.

Application settings

Yes application settings..! I used to wonder..that why do facebook want so many information about our application..?? wasn’t for is for us..!!

I’ll try to explain every setting in detail to give you a better idea of how your application would behave if you. You can then modify these settings to make your application work the way you want it..!!

Application settings : Basic

Essential Information

Application Name : Cannot contain Facebook trademarks or have a name that can be confused with an application built by Facebook.

Application ID : ID of your application given by facebook. It’s like username of your application.

API Key : Your public API key. API is an Application Programming Interface, an interface that defines the ways by which an application program may request services from libraries and/or operating systems.

Secret Do not share your secret key with anyone. It’s like password for your application.

Basic Information

DescriptionThe plaintext description of your application.

Icon : The image that appears next to your application name throughout Facebook. Size Limit : 16×16 px

Logo : The image that appears in the Application Directory and with your requests. Size Limit : 75×75 px

Language : The native language of your application. Facebook supports many other langugaes than english.

DevelopersDevelopers can edit this application and see it in sandbox mode. These names also appear on your application’s Application Profile.

Contact Information

Developer Contact Email : The email address where Facebook can contact you.

User Support Address The address where users can contact you about your application. You can enter an email address or an absolute URL.

User-Facing URLs

Help URL : The absolute URL to your application’s user help page.

Privacy URL : The absolute URL to your application’s privacy settings page.

Terms of Service URL : The absolute URL to your application’s terms of service.

Application settings : Authentication

Authentication Settings
Installable to? : Which types of Facebook profile can your application be installed to? It can be installed to either facebook pages or users.

Authentication Callback URLs

Post-Authorize Callback URL : Facebook pings this URL when a user first authorizes your application.Cannot be a Facebook-framed page. When a user allows or authenticates your application you can redirect the user to a new location or page using this parameter. It can be used as a greeting page to welcome user to your application.

Post-Remove Callback URL : Facebook pings this URL when a user removes your application.Cannot be a Facebook-framed page.When a user removes or uninstall your application you can redirect the user to a new location or page using this parameter. It can be used for removing users database information and greeting them goodbye.

Will be continued...


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“Facebook Tutorial – Application Settings(Basic & Authentication)”
facebook apps

i was really wondering how to develop a facebook application for my SEO company. I found this article and read it twice and eventually i made my 1st facebook application. yahooo! thank you


My pleasure..!!
I will try to post more tricks and tips for developing cools facebook applications, as soon as i get time.
Try vising my first facebook application..
and stay tuned to get more on this..


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Profile Tab

Tab Name
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